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Buy ear candles or ear cones?

Many people are confused about whether to buy ear candles or ear cones. There is no difference. Ear candles and ear cones are two different words for the same holistic, natural health product.

What's important to consider when buying ear candles (or ear cones) is the quality of the ear candles you plan to use.

Some of the things to keep in mind when considering buying ear candles are:

  • What the ear candles are made out of? Are the ear candles you use made of beeswax, food grade wax, or paraffin? We sell ear candles made of beeswax and food grade wax. We do not sell paraffin ear candles as we believe beeswax and food grade make a better ear candle. Find out more about what ear candles are made of.
  • What is the reputation of the ear candle manufacture? We work exclusively with Harmony Cone Ear Candles. Harmony Cone Ear Candles has been making ear candles from food grade wax and unprocessed beeswax since 1992. More about Harmony Cone Ear Candles.
  • What kind of company do you want to support with your purchase? Nick's Naturals and Harmony Cone Ear Candles are small companies with a passion for ear candles and natural living. More about Nick's Naturals.

When buying ear candles or ear cones online or in a store, keep in mind the quality of the product you are purchasing. The quality of the ear candles your buy will have an impact on the quality of your ear candling experience.


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