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How to use ear candles

Nick's Natural's "how to" ear candle instructions are for your reference only. They should not be substituted for the instructions of the ear candle manufacturer, be it Harmony Cone Ear Candles or otherwise. Always follow the respective manufacture's instructions regarding how to use ear candle.

Ear Candle Instructions. Follow the below instructions to learn how to ear candle.

  • Position the ear candle recipient on their side. Brush ear candle recipients hair away from his/her ear toward the back of the head.
  • Cut a hole in a paper plate big enough to slide the ear candle through. Slide the small end of the ear candle through the hole first leaving about 5 inches on the underside of the paper plate.
  • Light the larger end of the ear candle. Place the small end (non-lit end) of the ear candle into the recipient's ear. Be gentle. Assure a secure fit by holding the candle. The administer should hold the ear candle throughout the entire process, never leaving their partner.
  • Remove the ear candle from the recipient when there is approximately 6 inches of the candle remaining. Approximately 1 inch above the paper plate. You may want to mark of the 6 inch point with a magic marker before you begin.
  • Remove the ear candle from the recipient when 6 inches of ear candle remains.
  • Place the ear candle in a bowl of water to extinguish the flame.

Please take the appropriate precautions as both the administrator and the recipient of the ear candling are exposed to an open flame during ear candling.

Ear candling should always be done with a partner. Never use ear candles alone.

What you need to use ear candles:

  • Ear Candles
  • Ear candling oil
  • Magic marker
  • Bowl of water
  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Lighter or matches
  • Q-Tips
  • A partner to lend a helping hand and to assist the recipient

Nick's Naturals, its affiliates and other related parties cannot be held responsible for any incident that may occur during ear candling. Please be careful around any open flame.

Stop if you feel any discomfort during ear candling. See a doctor if you feel necessary.

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