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Do ear candles remove ear wax?

Ear candles, whether they are made of beeswax, food grade wax or paraffin do not remove ear wax from the ear canal.

Some people use ear candles in an attempt to remove ear wax, but removing ear wax isn't what ear candle are for. The force that would be necessary to remove ear wax from your ear is far great than what ear candles provide.

Ear candles are not intended to remove anything from the ear. Ear candles are an ancient remedy meant to help restore balance to the body.

Remove ear wax

If you'd like to remove ear wax, consider using an ear wax softener. Be sure to follow the directions of the ear wax softener manufacturer if you decide to go that route.

If the ear wax softener doesn't help to remove the ear wax or eliminate the issue, consider contacting your doctor or health care provider. They can assist you in removing your unwanted ear wax.


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